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Firewood and Firewood Delivery Service in Oak Forest, IL

If you are in the need of firewood or firewood delivery service call us today! We offer stacking services for ¼, ½ and full face cords of firewood.

Hardwood Firewood

For a blend of only premium hardwood please call us for availability. We offer premium hardwood firewood in a blend of only hardwoods for slower burning using hardwoods such as Oak, Hickory, Birch & Maple. We offer delivery and stacking for any size firewood order.

Mixed Hardwood Firewood

The most common firewood is mixed hardwood. Mixed hardwood firewood is a cheaper alternative to only using premium hardwood. We use a mix of wood from our tree removal services that are local and ready to burn.


  • ¼ Face Cord = Approx. Measurements: 4ft. High x 2ft. Wide x 16in. Deep
  • ½ Face Cord = Approx. Measurements: 4ft. High x 4ft. Wide x 16in. Deep
  • Face Cord = Approx. Measurements: 4ft. High x 8ft. Wide x 16in. Deep


We guarantee that our firewood will be seasoned and ready to burn!
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